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"When I first met Deb, I truly did not know where to start! Life felt overwhelming, I was overweight, I had multiple physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments and all I could see was obstacles! She is highly intuitive and very understanding. She worked with me to develop an individualized plan to address these obstacles. Every single session marked an unbelievable improvement, and the many obstacles began to unfold. I am now happy and focused again and feel equipped to face life! Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy is a powerful process that is enjoyable too; I am living proof!"
 - J.H. 
"Deb is so trustworthy, thoughtful, kind, generous, comfortable, enjoyable, entertaining, and she's so chill- I love that about her. Maya Abdominal Therapy is Awesome. Deb explained what she was doing and why it was important to me, which made it valid. The treatment was very helpful to me; I have less cramping, easier periods, and some months I have NO pain. This is the opposite of the past- I had horrible cramps and had to miss school and take lots of ibuprofen. I used to do the self massage daily in the beginning, I do it 3-4 times per week and find it very relaxing."
- C.J.
​"Deb is easy to talk to, reliable, fun; I can talk to her about anything. 

Maya Abdominal Therapy helped me to understand how my body works; that a woman's body is definitely different than a girl's. I did not feel awkward, but totally comfortable. I do the massage whenever I feel bloated, crampy, or tight. I feel instant relief- it feels "roomy" when I'm done. 

Flower essences helped me with headache prevention. I understand more about how important it is to balance myself and how to prevent others from affecting me."
​"Deb is highly intelligent, and wholly intuitive. I've experienced both massage and energy work with Deb, predominantly energy work. My favorite service is Deb's Spiritual Foot Bath. I feel centered and peaceful just remembering it. After handpicking my "custom blend" of herbs/plants/flowers, Deb said that most poignant prayer which always gifts me with tears. The experience is gentle, safe, and moving, allowing me to fully enter a state of prayer and relaxation. It is as if I've left my earthly body in her care and am resting in the spirit. When finished, I feel grounded, peaceful...almost blissful. It's the most transformative experience for me. Deb answers all of my questions, when I have them, and she is quiet and reposed when I have none. She does not judge when I'm in denial or don't relate to a feeling that's come up. She's my Mother-Earth Sage, whom I treasure. My children adore and trust her. As they are teens, this mother finds this relationship both essential and remarkable.
- C.H.
"I went to Deb for Maya Abdominal Therapy to address some physical and emotional struggles surrounding fertility challenges I was experiencing. I was a mess struggling on not knowing whether I'd ever be a mother. Going through fertility issues is not easy. In 2010, I was pregnant three times. First pregnancy was a blighted ovum, second was an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in me losing my left fallopian tube, because it had ruptured during surgery and my doctor was unable to save it, and last, but not least, my third pregnancy resulted to another ectopic pregnancy in the only remaining fallopian tube I had. I was losing hope on whether I could continue to hold on when a good friend of mine told me about Deb and Maya Abdominal Therapy. Not knowing much about it, I started researching it. I figured I would give it a try and give myself time to heal emotionally and physically from my losses. Deb treated me all the way up to the time I was ready to try again. So many amazing things happened while I was being treated by Deb. My body felt like it was going through detox. Deb taught me so much and was always helpful in answering all of my questions. I'm proud to say that after being treated by Deb for almost a year and a half, I was able to conceive and I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. She is my angel throughout this whole process. Everything she advised me to do, I did it all. Seems overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of everything, it will become easy to anyone."
There have been many events that have influenced Deb's passion for the healing arts: Spending her childhood building a relationship with the earth, in the woods and lakes of Central Minnesota, coming of age during the Woman's Movement, the death of her father and her own healing journey. From these influences and experiences, an understanding of healing the mind, the body, and the spirit as a whole, emerged in her life, and brought her on an incredible journey to become the healer she is today. 

In 1987 Deb graduated from St. Cloud State University (SCSU) with a degree in Communications Studies. She received her certification from Northern Lights School of Massage Therapy in 1993. Deb completed her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from SCSU in 2007. She has studied the art of spiritual/ceremonial healing with Luz Clara, a Chilean healer trained in the Mapuche Tradition and her teacher, Quintoo Rey. Deb completed her Master Level in Reiki through the International School of Reiki Training in 1997. As a nurse Deb works primarily in the area of women's health.

In 2011, Deb returned to her healing roots and began a healing practice which integrates Western and traditional healing modalities. In Fall 2011 she became Certified in Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy with Rosita Arvigo. In 2012, Deb studied cupping massage and flower essences with Julia Graves, a naturopathic healer and master herbalist from Europe. 

"I feel like I have come home, as I combine all the skills I have acquired over the years through my education and experiences. I work with the gifts I have been given and the medicines that the  Earth provides to help individuals create a balanced state within their bodies, minds and spirits, so they may have the greatest advantage to heal."
~ deb erickson, rn,bsn,cmt
Email: healings.deb@gmail.com
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Located in St. Cloud, MN